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This is a first-shot at bringing together a comprehensive list of things I have learned that I haven’t seen in mainstream circulation. The purpose is not to present a unified view of everything, because honestly I don’t have one, but rather to present a series of alternative theories and facts to consider. Below, are the individual articles I have written. There should be more every week so keep checking back. We’re in for an amazing ride.

NOTE: If you’re new, please read the articles in order, at least the introduction. They’re presented in order to give readers a better context. Comment with Care: This site is made to encourage discussion. I encourage you to comment, but please know I’m not interested in flame wars. Any comments that are rude, derogatory, or have any sort of personal attack will be deleted. Any comments that are off-topic will be deleted.

Further Comments: If a person is truly learning and honestly assimilating new information into their life then it should be expected that their beliefs will change. After all, who ever got it perfect on their first try? I’ve come back to BlindingLight after almost 6 months and I definitely see things differently now. Rather than editing, I’ve decided to add any additional thoughts to my articles. Look for the purple text and keep an open mind, if you can.


Truth Can Be Scary

Good Science and Bad Science -> more

Science, Religion, and Philosophy

Part I: Something Fishy Is Going On Here

Solar Eclipses


Math (Warning: PG-13 for Violence and Language)

Earth’s Improbabilities (Group Project)

Divination & Coincidences

Part II: We’ve Got Problems

Facts and Meaning

Carbon-14 Dating

Earth’s Magnetic Poles

Earth’s Magnetic Field Decay

Genetic Entropy

Part III: An Alternative Theory

Foreword on Alternative Theories

A History of Brief Time

Gravitational Time Dilation

What Did the Early Earth Look Like?

Catastrophic Plate Tectonic Theory

The Genetics of Species (Updated)

On the Preservation of Species

There Be Dragons

Part IV: Philosophy and Theology

The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Biblical Perspective on History Part 1

Part V: Now for Something Different

Helicon Model – Progress Toward a Theory of Everything

Plasma Theory – A Fractal Universe

Jigsaw Continents




  1. I think this promises to be an interesting blog. I like the idea of being able to think about the problems of existence without all the emotional triggers of both science and religion. I think that lots of things can be considered without being committed to them, just simply consider them. I often listen to the late night show Coast to Coast, and yes, i often think some of the folks are waaaaaay out there, but some of their ideas are interesting. I may not accept everything but a piece from this and a piece from that, may very well be the answer. I can’t wait to read the rest of your articles.

  2. Exactly. If you aren’t willing to listen and consider what a person has to say, how will you know if what they say has any merit to it or not? I believe the old saying “knowledge is power” is appropriate here. Better to know more points of view then just your own so either you can change your point of view if you find it’s flawed, or you strengthen it because someone pointed out some holes in your position that you were able to research and come up with arguments for.

  3. I have had a dilemma on my hands recently. I wrote an article a while back on Strong Evidences for Evolution. The problem is that later this summer the ENCODE project revealed that one of them wasn’t true. So that means I need to make a retraction. Well, I wasn’t too happy about doing that because I’d already received a lot of heat for the article in the first place. The truth is that I really DO want to give everyone a fair shot and evolution really IS the framework most scientists use.

    So the temporary solution has been that I took the hyperlink off the Contents page. But it’s still accessible by clicking on the Category “Conventional Theories”. This was a temporary solution but I try to keep everything on my page honest to my best knowledge. So then I was researching genetic coding schemes and I found out _another_ one of my statements was incorrect. It turns out that there is a handful of species that use several alternative codon pairings. That is the equivalent to taking a book and swapping out all Q’s with 4’s. So I need to retract that one as well.

    So I did that and now the page looks like something I really didn’t intend. It looks a lot like a parody. The title is 6 Strong Evidences but I’ve got two retractions and honestly, how many scientists believe in a theory does not affect its truthfulness based on the scientific method. So what I have is “Six Three Strong Evidences for Evolution”. So it looks like it needs more.

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. I would just like to say that I am a “christian” to. And I would also like to say that I have heard much about the “wonderful” people that have decided to try and “educate” others on how they should live their lives and such things like this. I am sorry but not all of us christians are like this-> The people that force themselves down peoples throat, and force their life on “non-believers” and tell non-believers that they are wrong<-. So is it wrong of me that I love hanging out with the “non-christian”? Anyone who would say yes to this is obviously not thinking right because our Lord and Saviour “hung out” with non-christains all the time. I do believe in God. Heck I was born, raised, and everything to believe in christ. “I’m sorry” to say that fundamental christians really need to start thinking about something else besides the “must make everyone form into my religion.” Fundamental christians are giving all of the rest of us christians a really really bad name. Maybe if these so-called fundamental christians stopped thinking about making the world a better place to live in and looked at their own lives and fixed them first maybe someone might just one day give them the time of day that they have been pressuring for years now. I was raised somewhat like the fundamental christian and I find that the way I was raised is a way that other christians should not follow!!! Why I say this is because I find that instead of being able to make up your own mind like the average christian, fundamental christians are basically brainwashing themselves into believing that all that they say and do is right. I am just saying this cause I am really mad that people like the “wonderful” people that decided to make this piece of wonderful not good webpage could force people to see this. I have visited this website from time to time and I get a great big laugh out of it all the time thanks.
    Modern Christian

  6. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  7. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I actually agree with most of the things that you said, ModernChristian. Answering questions that a person is not asking yet simply makes the Christian a nuisance. Since the average American isn’t looking for spiritual insight from the church that makes evangelism not only ineffective, but actually destructive. America is rapidly becoming a post-christian nation because the bulk of Christians show no difference in their lives thus proving that God is of no real value. On top of this, we have the rare Christian making a nuisance of themselves “like the guys on the Plaza” that gives people the mental ammunition to hate people that they have no reason to love. The end result is a people who have no reason to seek Christianity and every reason to avoid it. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I don’t really see a great outcome other than the eventual marginalization or extinction of Christianity in America.

    The other issue you brought up was making up your own mind about things, on that I heartily agree. Really, the whole reason that I decided to make this site is because I saw too many people simply believing everything they were taught without really processing. The whole introduction section is simply talking about the underlying assumptions that go unquestioned. The thing about indoctrination and worldviews is that they are totally transparent normally, you don’t even realize you have them. So you may be right in labeling me a fundamentalist, I wouldn’t know. I suppose that depends on your definitions.

    It is my hope that encouraging people to carefully analyze what they believe and require logical reasons for their decisions could cut down on dogmatism. If a person simply believe something because they feel it’s right, or because that’s what they’ve been taught then they are simply living off of emotions wrapped around a disguise of rationalizations. When someone questions those beliefs, a person can only respond with an emotional appeal or outburst. If a person has already stress tested their own beliefs then they know why they believe something and why others would disagree. They know what are valid objections. So they have the freedom to let things be.

    I’m not really sure where I’m going with this site anymore. The reason I really haven’t had any new content is because I’ve mainly just been focusing on my own life, rather than worrying about what others believe. The same philosophy I just described makes me uncertain about how to proceed so I’ve been largely silent lately. I’m open to opinions and ideas on how to live a positive life, but I’m not really interested in living my life motivated solely by doing the opposite of something I disagree with. There seems to be a minefield of wrong actions and I’m trying to navigate a path through it all.

  8. OK first things first. Christianity isn’t being marginalized in America, you are not a minority, you are not being persecuted, it’s not Christians vs. Lions time, it’s just changing. Here is a quick game you can play to see how marginalized Christians are in the US. Get a few friends together and see how many non-Christian US presidents you can name. Hold on to this number.

    Sure your particular flavor of Christianity may be getting less popular over the years. And it would be easy to see this as Christianity as a whole going down the tubes. You will often hear that only 1/3 of Americans are Christians, it’s more often than not Evangelicals or other fundamentalists saying this. Sometimes it is 1/3 sometimes it’s 2/3 but the point is that it’s often a low number. However most polls will show that 8/10 Americans think of themselves as Christian. They get away with using 33% rather than 80% by saying that the other 47% of Americans who call themselves Christians aren’t REALLY real Christians, they are just faking it. Granted the other 47% may not see it that way.

    Now go back to that number of non-Christian presidents that you counted earlier. If your number is larger than zero, chances are that you may have a skewed view of the role of religion in the US. This is a more common phenomenon than you would think. There is even a term “on the street” for this sort of behavior.


    I would be willing to bet that in 1546 When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door and got the Reformation underway, Pope Leo the tenth probably felt that this was the end of Christianity and that God was going down the tubes. This isn’t anything new. Gay marriage and cavemen are not going to be the end of Christianity.

    Anyway back on subject. I think that what irritates people about Christians as you say, is not the people on the plaza, but rather the sheer arrogance of it all. They have no doubts, unshakable beliefs, an iron will, and they take pride in their conviction. The mere idea that they could possibly be wrong about anything never crosses a truly faithful Christian’s mind. Their book is the true infallible word of God. And how do they know that the bible is infallible? Because the fact that it is infallible is written in an infallible book written by God.

    Unfortunately our world is built on people being wrong about things. Every bit of progress and discovery we have today is built on someone else being wrong. In order for Galileo to be correct about how the universe works, Ptolemy had to be wrong. In order for Hubble to make any discoveries about our universe he had to first disprove some things that Galileo said. From Newton to Einstein to Hawkins each new discovery has to be built over old ideas. Everything we know now will one day be replaced by newer and more correct ideas. And this works fine until someone doesn’t want to admit that they could be wrong.

    For the longest time it was thought that lightning was caused by some big bearded man sitting in the clouds who would occasionally throw down lightning bolts at people when they pissed him off.


    It seemed like a good idea at the time. And it could explain why tall buildings seemed to attract more wrath than others. Unfortunately people got a little too attached to this idea, and by the time Ben Franklyn came around with his lightning rod church leaders complained that he was treading on the realm of the divine, and refused to put up lightning rods.


    Chances are if you are reading this, then we can assume two things. 1: you are literate. And 2: you have access to a computer and the internet. Because of this you probably live in either a first or second world country. And with public education the way it is these days, there is no excuse to be ignorant. You are probably a rational person who makes somewhat informed decisions, and you probably value logic to a certain degree. We live by a certain set of standards and we expect others to try to play by the same set of rules.

    But when you are walking down the street and you see a televangelist or a street preacher. Look into their eyes, talk to them, and ask yourself. Do they follow the same rules as you? Do they believe what they believe for the same reasons that you believe what you believe? When they look around themselves do they see the same world that you do? Could they ever see you as a person with your own meaningful thoughts? Will you ever be anything more than unsaved in their eyes?

    This is probably why people dislike creation science so much. They have their conclusions spelled out in the bible before they even get started. If they evidence shows otherwise then it must be wrong. God made the earth in 7 days and the fossils be damned.

  9. by the way, if you think it is impossible for a well educated sensible person (like you or I) to believe something crazy.

    Here is a person who grew up in a first world country, and had a fair amount of education. And who has obviously gone completely loopy.

  10. here are some interesting demographics:
    78% christians in america


    this has some percentage growths from 1990 to 2001 for the various religious denominations:

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