Bad Science Unlimited

March 31, 2007

In case you thought all science was wonderful, objective, truth I have decided to start showcasing some exceptional examples of bad science. This is not really meant as a personal attack on any scientists as I really doubt they’ll ever read the page, but it should help you hone your skills of picking out problems in logic and breaches in the “dispassionate pursuit of knowledge”. I’m also going to include links to articles that demonstrate good science. Please feel free to offer some suggestions.

  • Our first posterboy is Richard McNally, who seems to be in the business of trying to disprove New Age beliefs. Well, even if I don’t agree with everything the average Cosmic Humanist believes it doesn’t make his methodology any less flawed. Check out MSNBC article on Alien Abduction Memories. Then see if you can pick out the more subtle jump in Reincarnation Memory Errors.
  • I ran across this video. I actually kind of like this guy for unconventionality if nothing else. He’s trying to sell a video undermining our entire view of history, 1500s and back. I appreciate the fact that he is questioning assumptions and exactly how we know anything based on a chain of sources. The problem here is that there is a wealth of evidence that you have to ignore on the ‘mass conspiracy’ theory. I don’t buy accusations of widespread intentional deception from anyone, the only conspiracy is that people are blinded to evidence based on preconceptions they don’t even realize. I am impressed by one thing in this video… notice anything about his voice?
  • Suggestions?

Good Science

  • Interesting article I ran across looking for giant squid pictures. It discusses another “mythical” creature from a scientific perspective. Creatures and the Teachers.


  1. The YouTube video won’t open.

  2. Apparently my bachelor’s in Computer Science has not allowed me to divine the true nature of YouTube hyperlinks. It should be fixed now, at least it works for me.

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