April 1, 2007

I have a question for you, and honestly I didn’t know the question to this until I lost 3 months of my life to Ultra Fractal. Are Fractals painted, drawn or discovered? Probably a question you’ve never asked, that’s what I’m here for. Well, for a full explanation of how fractals are calculated check out David Dewey’s Introduction to the Mandelbrot Set. The short answer is that the Mandelbrot equation is Z = Z2 + C. That should tell you the answer to my question right there. I can’t really express the infinte depth of fractals, you’re going to have to see it for yourself. Just consider this, when browsing around and zooming in on fractals like Mandelbrot the area is so big that after only a few minutes you could be looking at a scene no one has ever seen even though the Mandelbrot was discovered in 1977.

I could list off plenty of other fractal equations. It’s worth noting that Mandelbrot is the simplest, to my knowledge. Still, how could the amazing complexity of mandelbrot be encoded in Z = Z2 + C ? I don’t have an answer. Ok, go download Ultra Fractal or play around online. (And yes, I know a lot of fractals like my example are multiple layers colored by humans but the structure remains the same.)



  1. Heck, while we’re at it, maybe everything is fractal. I just found this article. It’s definitely speculation at this point but it wouldn’t surprise me if our universe was simply a beautifully elegant mathematical function. Sorry to those who don’t know what a fractal is, I’ll probably add an intro to this article.

  2. I wonder how this fits with String Theory?

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