Jigsaw Continents

September 6, 2007


So if artificial gravity and self-organizing magnetic galaxies weren’t different enough I have something for everyone to chew on. I’m not even going to try and explain it. Just watch all of these videos. Watch every last one of them without scoffing. That’s a true test of character. If you’re going to laugh at anyone you might as well laugh at yourself. That’s what I did. Then try to explain and rationalize? No. It is okay to say “I don’t know”. That’s all I can say about the evidence Neal Adams presents. He also offers a scientific theory to explain this, called Prime Matter. He offers a different take on quantum physics. Seeing a pattern?

rainbow_mars.jpgBesides the widespread evidence and cool looking videos there is another reason I decided this theory deserved mention. This site pointed out something that I had tried very hard to avoid. I still judge a theory based upon the quality of the presentation, not upon evidence. Neal Adams is a famous comic artist for titles like Batman, Tarzan and X-men. This means that he is already a highly skilled graphical artist and he can make movies that would be difficult for others. The truth is, I have seen this theory before. First in Steve Buren’s book “Physics and Geology of Earth” which shows up in my Reading List. It crops up several other places as well.

The difference is that Steve Buren had a very unfashionable presentation of a pixelated circle with continents scribbled on it. The idea that the Earth fit together into a smaller sphere interested me, but it was sandwiched between other outlandish theories that I thought could be easily proven wrong. I started writing a program to test whether or not a hollow planet would be gravitationally stable, but I didn’t get very far on it. I was dissuaded not by thorough testing, but by bad graphics. Then enters Neal Adams with rainbow colored morphing 3D graphics and all of a sudden the theory looks more credible. It’s a bias that I have to admit to and I think it affects everyone. How much does it affect you?


Further Comments: I felt sooo bashful writing this article. I don’t know why in regards to other articles I’ve written. Neal Adams basic premise is that all the continents on both sides of the Americas fit together perfectly. They fit together in a perfect sphere half the size of the current Earth. Therefore, Earth must have grown in the past, and is still growing. He explains this through what he calls Prime Matter (see link above) which basically predicts that gravitational bodies attract a kind of proto-matter which will take on the form of the matter that attracted it. This predicts that all large bodies should be growing. He’s got really good videos, and what looks like good evidence. I don’t know. My big question would be can we measure this kind of growth in the Sun, since the rate of growth is proportional to the mass, the Sun contains 99% of the mass in our solar system. Yes, it doesn’t show stretch marks, but Earth is supposed to have doubled in size in the last 180 million years. Wouldn’t the Sun do the same thing?



  1. That’s some pretty spiffy stuff. I’d heard of the pangea theory, and like the video mentions, the view of the continents of the Atlantic make it obvious that they did fit together in some way. I’ve never considered the growth of the earth to be the reason behind the break, but the videos are pretty convincing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So, I found this site via StumbleUpon and I read the entire thing: took me all day. I did not wish to comment prematurely, until I knew where you were going. I still don’t know for sure but I enjoyed your opinions and speculations.

    I have been blogging for only a few months, although I have been writing for years. My interests, like yours, are mainly theology, philosophy, and science. As I worked my way through your posts I could have commented on several, and, since there is too much material to get my head around in one marathon reading, I will no doubt return to re-read certain sections.

    Now that I have my website/blog under control I have been reading other blogs. I have examined hundreds so far and of those few I find compelling, yours is the most interesting so far. I would like to add you to my blogroll (I haven’t added any blogs yet) so what readers I acquire may also read your work.

    Just one small comment: the ‘bible code’ is IMO a joke. If the Bible is God’s word then He has said point blank that nothing is hidden from us, but all is made plain. So, seeking arcane messages by what is in effect a type of numerology is futile. I am sure that, using the same paradigm, one could find all sorts of hidden messages in War and Peace, or in any other large tome.

    Just my opinion (I did read The Bible Code when it came out).

    Thanks for your blog. I Like it.


  3. Yes – the continents do fit together into a perfect sphere. If you add the continent shelf to the borders of the landmasses. My physical model is accurate. The graphics model in the “Physics and Geology of Earth” is crude, but only a representation for the theory. If anyone knows how to assemble this in a 3D program-I’m interested in funding.

    For the Bible Code Theory, check out a unique perspective of Revelation 666 in PDF form at http://www.wiehes.com/buren/author.html . Maybe Photoreceptor will post this PDF on his site – he has my permission.

  4. To Theo: Sorry for the late reply, life has been very interesting.

    Wow, you read straight through the entire site? I’m impressed. Actually I’m impressed in several regards. I did a quick glance of your site and you seem like a really interesting person. One of my goals in life is to have lots of interesting stories to tell when it’s all done. I bet we would get along well.

    I appreciate that you were willing to give the time to read through everything before trying to make any judgements. I wrote this site for thoughtful people like you. I find it funny that out of all the absurd things on this site the Bible code was the one that stuck with you. Several people I consider credible have said they researched it and it was bogus. I haven’t personally looked into it myself but it seems self-contradictory. However, for self-consistency I would have to say that the truly scientific approach would be to not make judgements before testing it.

    So where am I going? I wish I could answer that in more detail. Basically, this all started when a nuclear physicist from the Institute for Creation Research gave a talk at my college. The idea of a bunch of PhD’s sitting around and researching scientific concepts in the Bible was really shocking to me, but he had a lot of interesting things to say. Instead of the idea of the “two sides” that people like to boil things down to, I realized that a person’s world view affects the way they approach science and there might literally be millions of different views/versions of seeing reality. In turn, that leads to different scientific theories since those theories were based on philosophical assumptions all along.

    When I started digging I found out that there are whole worlds most people are unaware of, metaphorically speaking. I’m trying to capture a little bit of that on my website but it’s honestly a bit overwhelming. The next section I have planned, I’m moving away from origins issues and just talking about interesting things today and in ancient history. Something like “The World is More Interesting Than You Think” or maybe “History that’s Not Boring”.

    Let me know if you come across anything interesting. Neal Adams’ site was pointed out to me by a friend. Keep in touch.

  5. Yes, my point exactly: we each view life and universe from a personal and subjective position, thus any attempt to subsume everybody under one system of logic is doomed to failure, as history has so eloquently shown. It would appear that man is indeed the measure of all things, but we all use different yardsticks. Can get dicey when faced with an enforced belief system such as the medieval church or, more recently, Islam.

    I am looking forward to your new section. I will drop by occasionally.


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