Plasma Theory – A Fractal Universe

September 6, 2007

hurricane.jpgEver notice how some small things look a lot like really big things? Take Hurricanes and Spiral Galaxies for example. They look very similar, yet they are on totally different scales. Others have pointed out that models of the atom look a lot like solar systems or orbitting stars. The similarity on all scales is undeniable. This is the same behaviour as mathematical constructs called fractals. Many of the recent theories I have looked at incorporate this feature in one way or another.

galaxy_swirl.jpgCheck out FractalUniverse.org . The theory pulls from plasma science and attempts to explain some of the larger scale features of the universe as well the similarities at all scales. It is a pretty interesting theory. It employs some of the same magnetic concepts like ‘Z pinch’ that the Helicon model uses. Interestingly, the presentation concludes with a philosophical statement. Origins science seems to be inevitably linked to philosophy.

In relation to this subject I wanted to point out another couple of web sites that may have some relevance. New Scientist published an article entitled Is the Universe Fractal? detailing the higher level structures that have been discovered recently. Basically, we have stars and planetary systems, which sometimes are in star clusters, which are in galaxies, which are found in galactic clusters, recently scientists discovered that galactic clusters form super clusters and branching arm patterns that look fractal. So it raises the question, how far does this go? It is also a pretty big problem for the Big Bang, since these structures are over 100 million light years across, that doesn’t leave much time for these things to form. Plasma Theory, in contrast, posits an infinite self-organizing universe through magnetic and gravitational forces, so time is no constraint.

Another theory to explain this phenomenon is Scale Relativity. This theory was mentioned in the New Scientist article and I also found a web letter about it. I won’t do a full article on it, but it is one of a number of interesting theories out there. Take a look and evaluate for yourself.

Related News Article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20264620


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