About Me

If you’ve read my intro articles to this page then you know I look at biases a lot. I claim everyone has biases. So it’s time to walk the talk. These are my biases:

  • I am a deconstructionist. I don’t like things that seem poorly crafted. I don’t like tacitly held beliefs. I ask for explanations for everything. I’m not big on faith without reason. I gravitate towards whichever thing requires the least amount of blind faith in the unknown. That’s why I dig, there are so many unknowns.
  • I am a non-conformist. When I was young I played whatever game everyone else on the playground wasn’t playing. I would find a new and novel thing to do, then when it became popular, I didn’t like it anymore. For this reason, I like people who go against the grain, those who question authority and “common sense”. I realize this makes my action at least partially determined by those of the majority.
  • I come from a Christian background. My parents were Christians and they taught me that “all truth is God’s truth. God is not limited to working in only one religion.” So I’ve never felt very threatened by ideas in other groups as being true. I went to a Christian school where I got to experience both the down side to a homogeneous group of believers as well as being challenged by Mr. Meyers to examine science thoroughly before coming to conclusions.
  • I favor the ICR as a Creation Science resource. Most of my links to Creationist theories come from the ICR. There are a lot of crummy, poorly constructed discussions of Creation on both sides of the “debate” (bash-fest) so I avoid those. I know that there are a couple other creationist resources like AnswersInGenesis.org but ICR is what I know best. My secular scientific sources are much more varied, though I started with Things Creationists Hate. I use cross-referencing to find a lot of my New Age sources.


  1. Best of luck to you. You’re right that few people are looking into this, though you have no idea just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  2. Investigate, search, explore!!. Bookworm is correct “…we have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.” This universe was created by God for us to discover all its charm, magic and endless, limitless, boundless energies.
    In your search, please include the website http://bahai.org/
    It was a pleasure to meet with Hugh Sanborn and your class at CSU and to met young, vital engergetic minds such as yourself.
    I forgot to mention there is an active Baha’i College Club on CSU campus. You may want to look at their website: http://www.unco.edu/bahai/
    Words from Baha’u’llah: “Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.”
    (Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)
    ENJOY!! Sandy Pauer

  3. Thank you for the encouragement Sandy. I will deinitely be looking into the Bahai texts in the future. I think the Bahai faith has some interesting implications for our future.

  4. Hello J,
    I needed to drop in and let you know how wonderful I find the material you present and the voice in which you convey it… I too (perhaps it’s a “family” thing) prefer to break away from the norm and choose to be as unique as I have been created… :0)
    I’ve learned something each time I’ve dropped in read one of your articles. I wanted to let you know I’ve enjoyed your site very much.
    If you’re wondering about the “family” comment, follow my website link… That will clear it up..

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