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Voice Recognition Software

April 17, 2007

those thinking about getting some voice recognition software to help me in making this webpage so I downloaded a couple products and tried a couple new things in so I’m still testing out some of the products that I’m using right now. Unfortunately I’m finding that there are a couple problems in it back. See with these programs. It doesn’t always recognized the everything that I say. Sometimes it throws and unnecessarily of words and sometimes in mistakes and breathing techniques. and then I’m going to have to be left with the pool lead singer who regularly typing. aid there’s a couple setbacks to the technology. Maybe one day human beings will rise above is permitted was recognized in software. sad and made more close magazine a wasted most of today with useless technology and badly programs software. I am not saying that I could do better but I think I won’t even try. Joe says signing out.

(I am using talk it type it )