What is Blinding Light?

I decided to name this site Blinding Light because of an analogy that came to me while I was doing research. 

Light is what allows us to see. Without light there is utter darkness and you can’t see a thing. In fact, even night vision sees infrared light. A dim light allows you to see a little bit, normal room lighting allows you to see better. Many of the science labs that are often my topic of scrutiny use even brighter lights for picking up on little detail. But what happens when light gets too bright? It stops serving its function. We see less and less until we can’t see a thing because we’re not accustomed to it. The brightest light can blind us permanently. Just try making out sunspots by staring at the sun. So my question to you is this: In a world guided by the twin suns of reason and science is there anything so blindingly obvious that we miss it entirely? That’s why I’ve been looking into the shadowy areas of human perception, all the inconvenient things that are ignored or dismissed.



  1. Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Photoreceptor,

    Jesus Christ, it is written, is the Light of all men. Did you know that one can know and hear from Him? I am not talking about religion. What I am saying is that one can be informed by Jesus Christ on everything He deems needful (He is not here to indulge our curiosity, neither are we prepared for all things at once). He has informed us of many things, has given us to speak on these matters to many, and to publish on our website. Would you like to hear things from His point of view?


  2. OK Paul,

    I am curious. What does Jesus want to tell us then?

    I would like to hear things from His point of view.

  3. Zach,

    I was inviting whoever would to come to our site, where we publish the Word that God has given us:


    If you have anything to ask or say, we would welcome your e-mail.


  4. Debates, opinion, interviews and comments abound here:

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